First Blog Entry

Welcome! You stumbled upon my personal blog in which I'll write about everything I want. I guess, mostly about what I'm doing in my free time, so science, technology, and travelling. But we will see what I'll come up with.

In contrast to my day job, where I work with scientific literature and citations everyday, I cannot guarantee the correctness of everything I post here. I’ll try to research for my posts as thoroughly as I think is appropriate; just take everything I post with a grain of salt. A curious reader might want to verify it with other sources. After all, I do this just for fun; mainly for myself and hopefully for others as well. Also, I might express my personal opinion in the posts1; all blog posts reflect my view on the world.

My blog does not have any rules. I will just write about whatever I want in my free time.

I do not want to add a comments section to this blog, since it creates unnecessary bloat which slows down the site and creates lots of other annoyances. So, if you found anything you like or if you have feedback, check out how to follow me.

To stay up to date with the latest posts, check out the blog index, the rss feed or follow me on the few social media I like.

  1. which is a no-no in scientific publications ↩︎

Desmond Kabus
Last updated on 2024-01-14 13:11 UTC+01