Featured image of post New things and old things in Copenhagen

New things and old things in Copenhagen

For another conference, I went to Copenhagen. In the weekend before that, I had some time to explore the captial of Denmark.

Impressions of Danish culture

Lots of flags in the central station Map of the fully automatic, reliable metro network

Swimming pool with icy water. Probably a good idea in summer! Recommendation: Flæskesteg in the “Chicky Grill Bar”

Modern architecture

Unfortunately, many buildings that are built nowadays look like UFOs, that landed right in the middle of European old towns.

UFO #1: The Royal Danish Library UFO #2: The Opera of Copenhagen

Older architecture

Views of the old town Entrance to the Tivoli amusement park which was still closed in early April Sunglasses and winter coat

I personally prefer buildings in the old architectural styles.

Rosenborg Castle Timber-framed buildings in the old town

EHRA conference

My digital poster For this talk, 3D glasses were handed out to be able to see the 3D models properly.

Undivided attention.

Desmond Kabus
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